How plancha grills can impove your kitchen !

The plancha grill, is a type of catering equipment that gets very hot and is used to sear and finish vegetables, proteins and many more in a fast and continuous manner. The main reason why planchas are popular, is their ease of use. When it is turned on at a high heat level, the cooking surface gets to the right temperature, ready to cook anything of your choice in just under 3 minutes. Planchas can get as hot as 550°F or 770°F, which is good for grasping the food immediately it is put on the cooktop. In addition, its cooking surface can cook a wide array of foods including small and delicate foods like fruits fish, shellfish, red meat and crustaceans.

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How It Works

To cook with a plancha, you need to have a wok spatula, grilling gloves, a charcoal chimney, and the plancha itself.

The wok spatula's function is to cook over high heat, and are designed to spread red-hot coals. The grilling gloves enables you to work comfortably at high temperatures. The best way of grilling vegetables with the best plancha grill, is to make broad, thin slices and add salt, olive oil, and garlic to them. Grill them on direct heat for roughly four minutes on every side, until you get the right texture. You can use the plancha to make surprising meals. For instance, you can grill potatoes, spiced onions to obtain a meaty and char sweetness of the meals.

During the first use, it is recommended to clean the hob using a piece of cloth and a little water. After this is done, heat the plate for a few minutes, and you are set to start cooking with your plancha. A plancha top appears to be raised, and surrounded by a grease trough on 3 or 4 sides. Newer models of the plancha have a distinct side-by-side 12 inches or 14 inches. Each segment operates independently, which enables it to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the segment. Due to the patented thermal breaks, there is very little transfer of heat between the segments. The plancha has a high concentration of heat over its burner under the plate, and as you go towards the edges, the temperature gradually decreases.

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Gas or Electric Plancha ?

A gas plancha is more effective as compared to the electric table plancha.

Planchas mainly use butane and propane, with the latter offering better flames than the former. The advantage of the gas variety, is the heat diffusion and power. This will enable you to attach your food on the griddle's centre which makes it a better choice for cooking thick foods, for instance a huge chunk of beef.

Planchas cook food while preserving every one of their flavours, thus guaranteeing health food and the best grilling quality. This is the reason why major restaurants have planchas in their kitchen. The best plancha grill also come with 2 or 3 adjustment buttons that can be used to adjust your flame power depending on the type of foods being prepared.